Month: August 2019

When do teeth come out? Tips for parents

Typical symptoms of the exit of the baby’s teeth The exit of the baby’s first teeth usually leads to a great headache because as a general rule the baby is irritable and very uncomfortable. In addition, he will start crying without getting anything to calm him. However, parents cannot do anything at all because remember Read More

Tricks for going back to school

Saying goodbye to summer always costs a little and even more to the little ones in the house. After almost three months of fun, playing at all hours and going to bed later, going back to school with their schedules, homework, and routines can be done a little uphill. But with some good guidelines for Read More

The development of your baby with 6 months

Your little one is half a year old and you are crazy … and it is not for less. In addition, it is not as fragile as it seemed when he was born and every day that passes you will have more and more desire to punch him, so make the most of it because Read More

The best toys from 2 to 3 years

What should be taken into account when choosing a toy? They are objects, no doubt, designed to entertain and entertain people, but, above all, children. Toys can be used individually or in combination with others, but before buying one you have to take into account some recommendations. Does your child like it? That your son Read More

Mixed breastfeeding: everything you need to know

Because they do not want to breastfeed or they cannot do it at some specific time, because they do not have enough milk or it is not of quality, because they find it impossible to offer each and every one of the shots that your baby needs or, due to the transition from breastfeeding to Read More